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Saturday, May 28, 2011

30 days of anime day 15

Wow! I can't believe it has been 4 days already! Time flies when you're working all the time now. :) LOL First week of my job went well though, and I think I should acclimate and fit in and all that good stuff. I hope! Cross your fingers for me also because I'm going to be taking some pictures for a possible article on Trendhunter.com for unique cat beds. Yay! After that I am going back to making a color change pattern for a Tunisian crochet bag. I want it to be super cute, kawaii even, but I'm stuck on the imagery. I want to do something simple to start, but do I want to try an actual anime character or a kawaii character? Choices, choices. If you have suggestions at all I'd love to hear them. Gamer Gyrl posted some great pictures of Nintendo inspired crochet pieces. The first picture is actually Gege Crochet ( mentioned in an earlier blog) and her Nintendo blanket. I didn't post a pic last time but I will now so you all can get the gyst of what I want to learn.
 I have ants in my pants cause I'm finishing up some orders before I start on any new projects, but I totally can't wait to show you my first crack at this.

On to #15 of the 30 days of anime list: Post a cute Neko-girl. Easiest one on the list for me, as I consider the original cute Neko-girl to be Felicia from Darkstalkers. Sure, there's those anime characters that put the cat ears on and the fake tails and bells, but Felicia is the real McCoy. :D Plus I love love Darkstalkers and any way I can get them on the list I will.

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