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Friday, May 20, 2011

30 days of Anime Day 11 and My Finished Tunisian Clutch

Hello all! Well today I will start off by showing you the finished Tunisian crochet project I started on so long ago.....

I think it turned out pretty cute. I used a magnetic clasp for this clutch but I'm unsure if I will use them in the future. Since it's attached to yarn I was concerned it may be tricky to open the flap, but I did reinforce that area so that it wouldn't tug on the yarn when you opened it. I think the magnetic clasp looks nice plus it's super easy to attach as you can just bash the flaps down with a hammer as opposed to sewing. I mean, who doesn't like whacking things with a blunt object from time to time? ... *ahem*.... anyways...
So that's that. This will be listed in the shop soon and I hope to have some others as well. I found a great tutorial on color changing with Tunisian crochet via http://gegecrochet.blogspot.com/ and I would love to try a large blanket or something with my Chii friendship bracelet pattern that I did a while back...

I also made this L pattern that probably would be super cute for a bag. :)

ALSO ;) I have an Adventure Time themed pet something-or-other I am working the kinks out on that I hope to show you all soon. Now that I got a FULL TIME JOB (Yay!) I will be able to actually get some yarn and make this stuff. LOL
Also, hopefully this means I am coming out of my creative brick wall that I seemed to have run into last month. *fingers crossed*

Now onto today's anime topic : Favorite mech series. Hands down for me It's The Big O.

This has all the elements I like in good anime: post-apocalyptic themes, film-noir, unique story-telling elements, and perhaps some subtle sexual tension between a man and female android ( Is this a thing for me? LOL). It's just one of those shows ( like Buffy, or Xena for me) where I'm like, "Man, I miss that show. I could totally watch that again." and just generally bummed that it ended. Might be something good to watch while I get a move on some of these projects ;)

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