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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

30 days of Anime day 10 and My Top 5 Blogs

Hey loyal followers. I'm sad that my blog posts have been kind of sporadic lately. And the shop has kind of gone to the wayside too. See, I've been making a career change recently and trying to find a good job that pays the bills ain't all it's cracked up to be. Recently I got a job at a big name craft store. I thought with the hours and pay they told me, as well as the position, it would be a great way to get my feet wet in terms of doing new things. Plus I get to talk to people about arts and crafts and discounts don't hurt either. Then I got my schedule. 12 hours a week??!! Totally not what we talked about. Sheesh. I knew there was a reason I got out of retail all those years ago. So I've been pretty focused on trying to find a full time job lately. I finally got back to that Tunisian stitch project (although my hook went the way of the left sock so I decided to make it a clutch rather than the purse I planned. Once I get a button fastened I'll be posting that. I've been trying to come up with new ideas and executing them as well. So I'm looking forward to putting my energy back into the shop and blog. I feel better knowing I'm not alone. I know a few people on Etsy that are having the same issues with their shops. I suppose that is the good thing about Etsy; that you can kind of run it at your own pace. But anyways, I digress. ;)

Today's anime topic is: Favorite Slice of Life anime.

It has to be for me: Chi's Sweet Home

This, and Chi's New Address, are some of the freaking cutest anime shows I have ever seen. I mean, it's about a lost kitten. A cute, lost, goofy, anime kitten. :D An overload of animal goodness. LOL. If you haven't checked it out, it is available online at Watchanimeon.com

Also, I thought I would post the top 5 blogs I am reading right now. They either inspire me in my craft, give me ideas for a better blog, or are relate-able to me in some personal way. Enjoy!

1)I'd Like Cheese on My Entire Family - Hilarious blog! I can never wait until the next post comes; because she takes a snippet from her everyday life, illustrates it, and tells a funny story with it. TOTALLY worth following

2) La Carmina - If you are one of my followers that loves Japanese subculture and fashion like I do, and you don't know about this blog, you are missing out. There are always fabulous new finds and interesting stories. Plus I always love the pictures of her cat. Cute! This is another woman who has taken her love for unique fashion, music, and culture and used it to totally segway into other avenues: TV, Designing, Journalism and much more. So inspiring!

3) The Fabulous Animal Rescue Project- A collective group of artists that donate a percentage of their arts and craft sales to animals in need. There is always cool new art to look at, rescue stories, and tips to help do your part. Check them out!

4)Samantha Conklin - Not only is she a dear friend, but she's an amazing artist. Her new blog really goes into ways that she experiments with different media and it's always exciting to see what she comes up with!

5) Dorothy: Locked and Loaded - I just started reading this, and I have to say, I love it! It is a combination of different writers, telling the tale of Dot, Dorothy's granddaughter and her experiences in Oz, and friends, it is not pretty. LOL It's just straight up story-telling and I think a great use of a blog! And yes, Toto is her gun.

Hope you all enjoyed today's lengthy blog. It was long overdue ;) Much Love until next time!

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  1. 12 hours!? Geez - well I know a better job is out there for you, I'm sure it won't be too long until you find something great! Love that cute anime kitten! You've got me intrigued, I'll have to go check it out.