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Friday, April 8, 2011

Pit Stop: Guilty Pleasures

Ok, well I just totally have to geek out a little bit. People that know me may be surprised to know that I am an uber Michelle Phan fan. I consider myself a bit tomboyish I guess I would say,and I very rarely wear makeup anymore. In my younger days I was always experimenting with color and finding wild ways to do my lips, cheeks and eyes. I would consider myself very unique in my style back in the day. ( Someday I may find some pictures to prove it LOL). In the very off chance that you've never heard of her, she has been on YouTube since 2006 and has slowly become the number one makeup guru on said site. The dedication to her videos earned her a job working for Lancome, and she has since been on Seventeen magazine, done fashion shows, and appeared on television among other accomplishments. Her videos are well organized, her tips are sound, and her looks flawless; but the real reason I just adore her is the music she uses for her videos. Artists like Samantha James, music from anime and Final Fantasy games (fellow nerd-dom yes!), and only one of the best female singers from Japan ever, Mika Nakashima! And if anybody has seen her cosplay you might be like, yeah I can totally get into that. LOL She has done a lot to raise money for various charities via her RiceBunny channel on YouTube, and each view to her site equals more donations. Recently she donated $1000 dollars to Japan Relief due to receiving 1 million views of this video. This was a match from the original $1000 she donated from her RiceBunny channel for other charities. ( Music by the great Mika-san!)

Urg. I can't even watch a makeup video with that song in it without tearing up? LOL! The look is simple and pretty so if you are a total girly girl ;) looking for a polished look for an interview or going out on the town, check her out. I'm sure the girl doesn't need any help from me, but I just love this video and wanted to share it. Enjoy!

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