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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pit Stop: Calling Priveledge

That's right folks. I am going to shamelessly whore myself out on my blog today. I just don't want you all to think I've forgotten about you. ;) I may be heading up another blog pretty soon here,so I am just the busiest of bees at the moment. But, I just made a listing recently of my crochet rose hair combs, and am ready to custom make them for you in a wide variety of colors. Woot!

You will find the link on the sidebar. Feel free to just check it out and show me some love. :)

On a side note: Next Wednesday I will be announcing the winner of my blog contest. Yay! I think in the future I will do what a lot of other people do and give you all "entries", like 1 entry if you like my shop, add to circle, heart and so on and so forth. This time I will be using Fruit Picker, the friend of teachers everywhere, just to be fair. So it's totally random. But I will have more contests in the future. Team-For the love of small animals will definitely be having contests as well. I am thinking of planning an online scavenger hunt in the future. Should be fun for everyone. LOL Stay tuned! Ok. I better go crochet something today! LOL Why did I join Etsy again? ;)

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