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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Moving Forward: Hidden Treasures

Hello all. :D This blog entry is long overdue indeed. Lately some of my teams have been talking about promoting the unseen artists of Etsy and I for sure want to do the same. And on occasion I'd like to go outside of Etsy and promote other artists that deserve some cred as well. I will be doing some My Favorite Things blogs for more popular shops, but Hidden Treasures will be for exactly that. I'll be focused on shops with 25 sales or less that have been around for a while that I wish had some more exposure :D So here we go!

First up is Pinkiipromise! I have had her on my favorites since finding her. The custom anime drawings she does is a unique idea.

I think it would be really favored at conventions for sure. I also love how she does little illustrations for her clay figures. Ack! Cuteness!

Next is Hello Bunny's Painting Shop This another artist that is on my favorites on Etsy. She does a variety of watercolor paintings of animals, but of course my favorites are the pandas, since I'm Amanda Panda and all. LOL

She's fairly new on Etsy but I'm really quite surprised that she qualified in the sales category cause if I could afford it I would have bought her out already! Love Love Love. :D

And lastly, I'm choosing The Hen and Her Chicks. Maybe cause I'm hungry. LOL Actually one of the things I've really grown to love on Etsy is soap. Soap that looks and smells like food specifically. And it's really quite popular actually; I'm actually a little jealous that I hadn't jumped onto that bandwagon! :D

This looks good enough to eat, and one thing I've come to appreciate (as I do a lot of dirty jobs) is a fine smellin' soap!

You can click on the pics to get to the direct listings. So hopefully you all will like what you see here, and show some love for these great shops.
I'll be back to show you some more hidden treasures soon!

Note: all photographs were used with sellers permission. Any copyrights are theirs and images are not to be used outside of the scope of this blog or by anyone other than the seller. Thanks!

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my soaps on your cute blog! ;0) I feel so honored ;0). Big hugs and blessings to you,
    Lori (The Hen & Her Chicks)