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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pit Stop: Helping others

Last week started a busy time for the shop. I got a request from Huebner elementary ( a local school) to donate some of my handmade items for an auction/event they are having. The money will go to school supplies, field trips and such. I really liked the idea of doing something for the kids. I like kids. I don't want any, but I like em. LOL I probably could have just donated something I already have, but I decided to make a couple of panda hats in the schools colors, as well as a doggie bed ( I still gotta finish it LOL) to showcase both sides of my cuteness for people and pets mantra. What a great opportunity for people in town to see what I can do! I hope they like it...
Created with flickr shildshow from softsea.

On a side note my desk is a mess and I can't wait to get my new camera tomorrow. LOL

Later, I got invited by the

Northern Illinois Rat Organization

to donate one of my pet playsets for one of their auctions. Their goal is to raise awareness for proper care of rats and also to showcase what great pets they can be. The playsets where just an idea branched off of making toys for my friend's pets ( ferrets and rats) from yarn I had left over and recycled materials, and it just kind of took off from there. I also had rats as a child; one was named Kurt (Cobain) and the other one was named Prometheus. I really had to look back and figure out why the heck I named my rat Prometheus ( I was a big fan of Greek mythology growing up, but that's just morbid!) Both of these projects are kind of nervewracking to me actually, cause I don't have any kids to measure if these hats fit, and I don't have any rats either- so I'll be anxious if I get any feedback regarding the usability of these items.

And lastly, Japan. There is no way to sum up the devastation that has happened and is continuing to happen there right now. but, despite the tragedy that has befallen so many of them, there has been no violence, no looting that you have seen during so many other natural disasters. It's because this culture understands the value of human relationships. It's something our country could really learn from, but that's another blog for another time. I'm just glad that America is stepping up and doing their part to help the victims out there. Japan was one of the first responders to help us during Hurricane Katrina; I don't think people realize just how much money they gave us. But I digress. I wanted to do my part to help out too. So my new friend Akiko came up with a great idea for Etsians to donate made items to the cause. She is hosting a BNR ( Buy and Replace) with the proceeds going to Global Giving and possibly another charity, but all for relief in Japan. I am donating one of my hats here:

BNRAddicts FOR JAPAN donation treasury PAGE 1 OF 4

but basically anything purchased off of these pages is going straight to charity.

BNRAddicts FOR JAPAN donation treasury PAGE 2 OF 4

BNRAddicts FOR JAPAN donation treasury PAGE 3 OF 4

BNRAddicts FOR JAPAN donation treasury PAGE 4 OF 4

I totally believe in paying it forward and not necessarily karma, but that when you do good things, good things come your way, so I am glad to be a part of all of this!

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