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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Getting Past the Speedbumps

It's been kind of an uneventful week this week. Having a whole week before transitioning into my new job, I would have hoped for more progress on my end. I've been feeling kind of stumped as to what to make next, so some of you may have seen earlier in the week I finished some long overdue projects.( If you haven't yet, check em out LOL----------psst, look over here-------->)
I also finished some new ones as well. Then I have some ideas that I have played around with that I haven't quite mastered yet. I want to make more cute stuff. :) I feel like my pictures are getting better, but I'd love to devote more time to putting them in environments that may be more inviting and fun. I can't wait to get used to my new schedule so I can get back into a groove. I hope to participate in my first BNR soon, which should be fun; maybe I will even make one of my own sometime :D. Hopefully once I'm all settled I'll have even more time to be more active and participate which I'm really looking forward to. I've met some incredible artists so far and they are all very inspiring! Here are just a few of my favorite things from my new friends:
roaritsally shares my love for all things small and cuddly! She makes adorable snuggle sacks and so much more.

GeekChicurumi makes by far some of the best amigurumi I've seen. I only hope to become that good at making detailed characters like this!

smokyhollow has some amazingly kawaii items in her shop. The angry headband is just too funny. :D I enjoy the items she picks as her favorites; she has a neat sense of style!

KnittingDaisies was one of the first friends I made on here. I think we can relate the most on our experiences starting out on Etsy. She's supposed to trade with me once she gets her first sale so check her out ;)

And all the crew on TeamSuperKawaiiPop are so talented!

'Head Rush' by ChibiandCharming

All kinds of stuff that i would put on my head. :)

Gothic Lolita Top Hat - Smal...

Little Lolita Headband

Flapper Inspired Black Beade...

Checkered Double Bow (a blac...

Candy and Cream Hair barrett...

80s Inspired Jem Glitter Hai...

X Eye Moogle Anime Cosplay H...

Closed eye Panda Fleece Hat

CUSTOM Pink Sweet Deco Lolit...

Kawaii White Bear Bobby Pins


Miniature 1 Kawaii wing Twis...

Little Ninja Hairpins

Cute Panda Bobby Pins - Set ...

crochet pink cherry blossom ...

SALE Kawaii Mini Hat with Ca...

Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

I definitely want to feature more of my friends on here. I have a diverse sense of style myself so visitors are sure to find something they like. My next idea is to maybe do an interview with someone regarding their experiences on Etsy and how they manage being an artist in a sea of artists, and more reviews for sure. There are so many talented people; it makes me want to try even harder to get into their ranks!


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  2. Thanks so much! Your art is lovely. :) I used to love painting with oils back in the day but I haven't done it in a long time. :)