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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Journey of Self-Discovery....so far I've made it to the corner store.

Yeah, can I get a pack of Marlboro and a Slurpee?  Oh, hey friend! Well, I've decided to start a blog. Day 1 and what to write about. Pancakes?   Well, since you mention it, I did come up with my very own method for delicious frozen pancakes. You know, the Pillsbury boxed kind, that when you put them in the microwave you start to wonder if you put a diaphragm in your mouth, is this what it would taste like? Well since my apartment was built before Tye Dye shirts were cool, my microwave is officially dead and every time I open my oven the smoke alarm goes off. So I used the handy dandy toaster oven. On Toast!  The pancakes turned out pretty good I guess was the moral of that story. Anyways, a little about me. For a long time I've found myself to be very much like the Batman character, Harley Quinn. A little loopy,  always cracking a joke, and not really a blonde. She's pretty crafty in her own way, as am I, and she always has lots of love to give, no matter how much she may be taken for granted. As for the in love with a psychopathic clown, well you'll have to ask my husband about that. He says that's pretty accurate too. I have a lot of interests. I love love animals! (You know, platonically). I have been working with animals for nearly 5 years now and all the stuff I have learned has been pretty rewarding for me. So we'll be talking a lot about that I'm sure.  I am a big fan of anime, which I have been watching since high school. I only recently started reading more manga and listening to Japanese music as well. That pretty much started when I lived in California and went to Comic Con every year-there's a big scene for otakus there. I love all different kinds of music though. I grew up listening to a lot of punk rock and alternative bands which are mostly gone now so I mourn by listening to cutesy happy music. I find that I give way less of a crap that things don't go my way when I'm listening to Onara Hazukashikunaiyo.  (It's a song about farting). I've been into art for pretty much most of my life, all through my grade school years and college, but I never really went anywhere with it. Lately I've been doing a lot of crafting and and am obsessed with crochet!  You might literally say I'm "hooked"!  A ha ha ha ha . No? You've heard that one?  Ahem. Anyways, plans for this blog are to a) figure it out and b) not to be too hodge podgy but I'm pretty much gonna talk about whatever the heck I feel like. I'll probably have some reviews- music,horror movies, video games, books and the like. I'll talk about my current crafting projects and how I'm executing them ( by firing squad) and hopefully I'll be able to contribute something useful to society. I'm still trying to figure out my niche and at my age, I really gotta figure it out soon! If anything, I hope that you readers out there will laugh. Cause as they say, if you're going to go, go with a smile.      (Cue Doogie Howser music)


  1. Yay! I'm your first follower! Looking forward to keeping up with you even more through this blog.
    I've had a blog on here for a few years, here's the url - http://lindseyswansonandfamily.blogspot.com/

    Love ya Amanda :)

  2. Great first post girlie! Keep it up!