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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Moving Forward: Shop Review

So I know initially my blog post started out a little personal. Kind of just wanted to get some things out there about me as a person. But my real goal here is to talk about things that I'm passionate about. Crochet, Crafting, my life in the Etsy Community and the things that inspire me. In the spirit of that, I am writing my first ever review. Yay!I hope people that are here already or just checking me out will enjoy. So here goes:

Momoko Ryugasaki once said, " I want to fill myself only with sweet things." I can totally relate to her, and if she was a real person I'd tell her to put SakuraCandyBakeShop's delicious fudge in her Bento box! chocofudge
I first came across Akiko's shop when she was promoting her idea to help Japan by donating our items.(see my previous post:Helping others) When I saw her listing for cheese fudge I knew it would be right up my husband's alley for sure! I am the fudge lover and we're both cheese lovers, but one of his favorite things is toffee cheese! I personally can't get into it, but I definitely got the ok to try this fudge out.
She was very helpful inputting up the listing I wanted, as she originally was going to donate a pound/two pounds but I just couldn't justify having that much in the house. If I knew then what I know now I would have gone for the two! :)
The item came quickly after my payment was accepted. The fudge came wrapped in a ziploc and looked much darker than the picture. It was a rich choclately color and I could smell the cheese as soon as I opened the bag. Yum! I actually appreciated the minimal packaging style for this. I've seen some very ornate packages for sweets on Etsy, but I have a tiny mail box as I live in an apartment so it was nice that they could actually put it in there and I didn't have to jump through hoops to get a large package. I don't know if she thought of that first, but very smart!
Also, on a side story when I did my first Etsy sale I got coordinating everything, bags, ribbons, tags you name it. I spent so much time and money on the packaging and my customer would have been just as pleased with something simple. I'd rather see Etsy sellers get their money on their work and not have to spend it on fancy packaging. So anyone else that sells to me, now you know. LOL
For me, when I took my first bite of the fudge I could taste the cheesiness right away.And the more I nibbled on it, the more chocolate taste I got. I don't know if it was a mental thing but I'm a picky eater so it tends to be how I taste things. Todd's experience was that he tasted the chocolate right away with hints of cheesiness afterwards. We both agreed that it was amazing though. It's not too rich like other fudge; it's nice and creamy which means you will probabaly wind up eating a lot more of it. If it lasts the day I will be surprised for sure, which is why I am glad she gives you the option of different portions.
Ultimately, I think this is a great gift for girls and guys. I don't know what it is about cheese and guys ( and beer) but it definitely is a conversation starter if you have some at your next event. So please be sure to check out ALL of her shops here :
RockStarHottie ( Lots of kawaii accessories)
AutumnMayaAndTheBooj ( some really cute stuff for kids!)
I think anything that is savory and sweet is something that everyone should try. I know there are some choclolate cake balls with bacon I have my eye on for the next Etsy food review. Thanks for reading!

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