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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

30 Days of Anime Day 21

Hey everyone! I realize I haven't really posted any updates of myself lately. As you know I started a new full time job that is turning to be a full time and a half job LOL. It makes me sad because I have had no time to dedicate to my Etsy shop. If any of you out there work full time and run your shops hit me up with the secret. :) I know its just because I'm learning and once I get the hang of things I will be spending less time there and will be able to manage my time better. I'm resisting the urge to crochet on my lunch breaks although maybe I should just to chill me out in the middle of the day. LOL  Other than that I have been really working a lot with my For The Love of Small Animals team, as I can credit them with getting the word out on my cat beds. Imade a little test bed so everyone could see my kitties in them. It is their new favorite hangout. :D
Just keep in mind that this cat is a huge cat :)

That's my sugarcat ( cause he's a diabetic), Sid. Isn't he sooooo cute! *little monster* LOL  Anyhooze, enough about little ol me. Time for today's awesome anime topic. My favorite yandere. A yandere is a character that may seem innocent and loving one minute but turn extremely psycho another. I chose Maria from the Witchblade anime. I don't know of a lot of anime fans that watched this one, but as I was  a comic book nerd first ( way, way first)  and otaku second, I had to watch this. I had been reading Witchblade since it's inception in the late 90's and grew to adore one of it's creators, the late so so great Michael Turner. So when I hear they were doing an anime I was excited and scared all at the same time. The anime has absolutely nothing to do with the comic, but as the comic has bore many "wielders" over the course of it's life, it was only natural to tell the story of one such heroine living in Japan. Was it my favorite? No, but it did have it's good moments and some memorable characters. Maria is one of them. She really always was a strange and distant character,with the mindset of a young child ( younger than she was).
She could be cute and perky one minute but you always knew there was a crazy person trying to break out, and when certain events unfolded in her life, she did. BIG TIME.
See?  Crazy Town.

And can I also mention she was voiced by Nana Mizuki, a well known Japanese singer. She did an absolute excellent job with this role. So anywhooze, as you can tell, one of my favorite characters. :) She kind of reminds me of Harley Quinn, but Japanese and much crazier, maybe that's why.  Well, that's all for now folks, stay tuned for more anime talk and more news soon.  Thanks for stickin with me. :)

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  1. Aww Sid's a natural model! I love your cat bed - it's a bed and a secret hideout!